Araña estilo francés

French style hanging lamp

They can be with toupees or alabaster and even of glass, they all change from three to twelve arms, the toupees can be of glass or of crystal.
Araña estilo holandesa

Dutch style hanging lamp

In this case it's a 5 lights alabaster hanging lamp, this material has been used for centuries as material for the height of sculptures, jars and containers, and for covering and ornamentation of palaces and churches.
Araña estilo imperio

Empire style hanging lamp

In the Europe convulsed of Napoleon a style of furniture arises: the Empire style, which honors great conqueror, and includes the years that were from 1807 to 1830.
Araña estilo provenzal

Provenzal style hanging lamp

These ones generally are iron made, copper or tin, go of the epoch from 30 to 60 and is typical in them the flower inspired design.


We purchase every kind of antique lighting devices. The quantity of products that this section includes is very changeable, as in the chandeliers area we can find French-style chandeliers (with teardrops or alabaster), empire-style chandeliers, Dutch, provenzal, etc, all kinds of hangings. Also we buy wall lights, table lamps, desk lamps and all kinds of antique light fittings.